Dealer Capital Assistance Facility (DCAF)


Welcome to the Online Application for Dealer Capital Assistance Facility.

The Online Application makes the submission became fast and easy. The qualified applicant would obtain Pre-Qualification instantly from the system upon fulfilling the requirements as set. The Pre-Qualification indicates the prospect of granting the facility which is based on the Finance Analysis Scoring System (FASS).

Advantages of Online Application include:

i)  Instant result

ii) Transparent in application processing

iii) Integrity in each application and approval granted

iv) Time efficiency for Applicant

Online Application consists of the following parts as shown below:

Part 1     :   Application Form Submission

Part 2     :   DCAF Pre-Qualification (Latest FYE)

Part 2a  :   DCAF Pre-Qualification (A Year before Latest FYE)

Part 3    :   Pre-Facility Offer Letter

Part 4    :   Pre-Master Agreement

Part 5    :   Make An Appointment

Part 6    :   Trade

Part 7    :   Control Item

Please click here  to start the application.

*Before commencing with the application, please obtain the One-Time Password from our Financial Advisor. Our Financial Advisor shall ascertain and verify the eligibility, suitability and the necessity of this Facility to the Applicant. Upon our evaluation, the One-Time Password will be given to the eligible applicant to proceed with the Online Application.

Please contact our Customer Service Officer Ms. Wan Hui Ern (+6077720900) or Finance Advisor, Encik Mohamad Fahmi Bin Mohd Yusoff (+6012 742 9500) for any information and inquiry.